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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Government bans 84 pornographic websites, freeing Bangladesh of lewdness forever.

Titubajar, Borisal: According to XBiz Newswire, the GOB has banned 84 adult websites that featured "well-known Bangladeshi celebrities in obscene poses". We at Joruri Khobor come out of our vacation to congratulate the government on a timely and effective move. There is no doubt that this will bring an end to the perversion and lewdness that has plagued the country ever since the introduction of dialup online browsing in 2005.

The background of the story is quite simple: with the internet came obscene websites. Before the internet, one had to go through a lengthy process in order to procure pornography or any sort of obscene materials. As Ahsan Talukder said, "There used to be a bureaucratic dignity in obtaining smut. It was a good source of revenue for our printing industry. The government levied its 'informal taxes' in the form of bribes to the police. But thanks to the internet, there is smut everywhere, and nobody is benefiting from it."

With the internet having become the primary source of a young Bangladeshi's pornography, our cinema industry has also suffered. Monowar Hossain Dipjol, famous film producer, method actor and convicted murderer, thinks that the internet will ruin the talents of aspiring young artistes. "Every one of my music videos has high production values. In Kolshi Phuta Koira Dimu, there are four 35mm cameras being used in one scene alone. When Billu Dakat points his gun at the heroine and laughs, there is genuine emotion on my face. Do you think I could have learned this by browsing JoubonJala? No. It took me years of actual villainy to get to where I am."

There are detractors to the government's ban, as there are bound to be howling, scavenging dogs at every marriage feast. Some cynics say that since these websites are outside of the Bangladeshi government's jurisdiction, it will be relatively easy for webmasters to set up new pornographic websites. They say that today there are only 84 obscene websites on the internet, but tomorrow there may be 85, 86 or even a hundred. We sincerely hope that these detractors are shot.

Pictured: Munmun, in a non-obscene pose.

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  1. OK, having watched this clip, I'm now convinced that the Bengalis are kulturally perverse.

  2. Mon chaile mon ....pabi deho chaile deho...