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Friday, March 27, 2009

26 March "Freedom to Party" disco night a rip-roaring success

By Arif "Prism" Shaikat, Society Correspondent

International IC Club, Gulshan, 26 March 2009. Golden Aura Entertainment brings a hot hot night of partying down to the guys and dolls of Dhaka City. The Freedom to Party gala event celebrated 26th March, which is the anniversary of that famous day in 1973 when the Colonel Z dropped mad rhymes on behalf of our great national leader, "Shake" M Rahman. The party was held for residents of Gulshan and Baridhara only, although guests were allowed from Banani and the DOHS areas as long as they brought girls with them.

Michael Karim, owner of Golden Aura Entertainment, said "Yo. Freedom's a tight thing. But what's fuckin' freedom if you don't got the freedom to party? This is why we've organized the most exclusive night of partyin' down since our 21st February Bros before Hos event, the Valentine's Day bash last month, or the New Year's Eve party before that: a night of boozin', schmoozin', and floozin'."

We socialites are certainly appreciative of Michael Karim, who shows us again that in spite of political instability, widespread poverty, and the recent BDR mutiny, we can still party like it's 2009.

But of course, as with everything else, there are detractors. Critics of Golden Aura Entertainment or GAE have said that throwing parties to commemorate dates like 21 February and 26 March miss the point of what it means to be Bangladeshi. They have pointed out that GAE's parties invariably involve drunkenness, drunk driving, and violence. Golden Aura's parties also have an age disparity, where men in their mid-thirties often harass and try to seduce impressionable, scantily-clad girls in their late teens. Michael Karim has been accused of corruption, sycophancy, date rape, and lowbrow tastes in clothing.

Michael Karim responds: "Chill. I simply provide a service: the opportunity to GET DOWN. If you don't want to party with me, you're most welcome to stay at home and lock up your daughters. But I'm the voice of sanity, I'm the cool kid, and I think that it's better for young guns to let off steam at my parties than do Yabba."

Whatever your point of view, one thing is certain: when it comes to shakin' booty, there are none who do it better than the Babes of Bengal, and the place to do it is with Michael Karim!

PICTURED: A party-goer in fancy dress.


  1. A big hand for Michael Karim.

  2. Party at 26th March ???
    It was the beginning of war in 1971.
    Party can be arranged at 16th December in the public places.
    I'm in doubt if that Michael/Mishal Karim knows the history of those days. People like them are basically ruined the society and for them country is going down and down till today. Maybe he also arranged/will arrange a party for BDR mutiny.
    Shame on you. Such a pathetic a$$h0!e.

    I'm a supporter of AL but now-a-days really pissed off on them. Same old shit, no, more than before I guess, is printed everyday in the newspaper. Do something for the country and do it now!

  3. Dear Anonymous, you are wrong, because Prism Abdullah told me emphatically that the war started in 1973, not 1971. I don't know who Mishal Karim is but Michael knows the American ambassador so you are the one who is at fault!

  4. "...the war started in 1973, not 1971" ???

    Which war start at 1973 Mr. Akkel?
    U are from Banhladesh ??

    Every single concerned person of that country knows when the war begin and which date !!
    You can google and learn about the Bangladesh liberation war history.

    Nothing to say man ... nothing to say.


  6. This is very funny, creative to say the least, except Mishal Karim doesn't event live in Bangladesh anymore and isn't throwing any parties. Though obviously quite an iconic figure since someone took the time to actually do all of this. LOL quite funny I am sure Mishal will find ths hilarious, will let him know.

    MK Fan club president

  7. MK fan club president, yeah, only iconic figures get dissed on random online blogs. And the purpose of this blog obviously to diss on Mishal Karim personally and not take random potshots at random idiots. Oh well, I shouldn't complain. Thanks to Mishal Karim and his fine parties, I've gotten to grope more 16 year old girls than I'd be able to at Gausia on the night before Eid!

  8. groping sixteen year olds sounds great...When is the next party?

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    26 March "Freedom to Party" disco night a rip-roaring success

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