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Monday, December 29, 2008

Bangladesh most democratic country in Asia.

Tukatuki Lane, Dhaka: 100% of the voters had already cast their votes by 10 AM, said Chief Election Commissioner Muhaddes Khondokar Tinku. The short lines at the polling booths and the jam-less roads of Dhaka city showed that people were not on the streets or at the polling centres. It was proof that voters had already voted and were enjoying a well-earned cup of tea with their family members and servants, who have also no doubt voted.

This election, 2008, is also a landmark year for democracy. Just like America, where the black Obama has charmed hearts with his warm smile, Bangladesh also boasts a very low average voter age. "Young people are just more and more interested in politics these days," says Khilkhil Ferdousi, principal of Young Flowers International School and College. "I have seen youngsters in Class 5 even discussing the differences between Begum Kutubunnesa and Begum Humayunnesa, our two great national leaders." Indeed, it is true. We at Joruri Khobor are proud to announce that Bangladesh is now the most democratic country in Asia. The average voting age is down to 16 years old, thanks to our wondrous population output and recent decreases in infant mortality rates.

Vote counting will not start until 10pm, even though 100% votes were already cast. CEC spokesmen said it was because all personnel at the polling centres were being paid on an hourly basis. He added that designated vote counters were still collecting interest and it was only after the assessment of the monetary value of the interest will the votes be counted. Both political parties--I am referring, of course, to Bangladesh Moulik Committee or BMC and Deshpremik Dol, are expecting 100% of the votes to be for their candidates.

"This is democracy in action", said Begum Humayunnesa of Deshpremik Dol.

PICTURED: Young voters, age 12.

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