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Monday, December 29, 2008

This just in: UN and USAID declare Election racist, lacking in Blacks and Chinese


Several UN observers and hundreds of USAID funded NGO officials were thoroughly astounded to discover that all the people who turned out to vote on 29th December 2008 were Bangladeshi citizens.

The UN observers, who have been contracted through various world body affiliates at enormous expense, were flown into their 5-star hotels on Friday and then taken around the country under heavy protection. They marveled at how jam free the roads were on election day and congratulated themselves on the stunning work done by the Traffic Planning and Road Jam Alleviation commission, of which several of the observers were a member of. But the major twist came when after visiting several polling booths and discovering the similar ethnicity of all the voters. “Where are all the Blacks? The Chinese? The Eskimos?” fumed Natasha Smordenvance, an officer in the esteemed organization DiscrimiNation Stop. “How can this be a free and fair election when this sort of racial discrimination is allowed to exist?” was her raging inquiry. She also claimed that the existence of these races in Bangladesh being false as being false as she and several of her fellow observers had had lunch, dinner and after party drinks together with these people.

PICTURED: An unrepresented minority.

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