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Monday, December 29, 2008

Banglalink offers to be corporate sponsor of National Election

Banglalink, the popular cellphone giant, has offered to sponsor the National Elections in exchange for branding opportunities. "Look at it this way--as it is, we are Royal Bengal tigers. We are the tiger-stripes. Thanks to our giant media budget, we own more of Bangladesh than anybody else anyway. So it would not be a bad thing to have orange voting booths."

This has met with strong protests from GrameenPhone, who up till this preposterous offer, had a complete monopoly on patriotism. "What is this effrontery?" asked the Norwegian CEO of Bangladesh's biggest cellphone provider. "Is this what it means to be a Bangladeshi? Is this what staying close is about? Catch Thackaan!" On being corrected by one of his henchmen, he corrected himself and said "Kaatche Thaakun!"

Lesser operators like Warid and Citycell are unconcerned. Djuice, the cellphone plan which is famous for being popular amongst youths and for having cheap call rates, has made the offer to sponsor a concert by Fuad. What this has to do with the election nobody knows. Banglalink, however, has said that in addition to a corporate sponsorship, they will sponsor two concerts by Fuad.

The Govt said that they will consider Banglalink's offer. The only concern of the Govt is that Banglalink wants to sponsor only voting booths in areas where their network is active, and this means that a large part of the country will have no sponsorship.

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